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Sheila’s thoughtful and sensitive work with our daughter gave her tools with which to tackle ‘thinking errors’ which were deeply affecting her happiness and self-esteem. In only a few weeks Sheila had identified and addressed her issues and shown her methods of tackling her anxieties which she can use for the rest of her life.

Sheila is a highly skilled and fully registered (HPC) professional who we approached when our son was having some difficulties at school. Throughout the consultation process Sheila was readily available to answer questions and provided clarity with regard to the reports etc provided. Following a very successful consultation and assessment of our son, she provided a comprehensive report which has enabled us to work with our son’s school to address some of his individual needs. Sheila has a vast knowledge of child development and as part of the consultation make recommendations for further evaluation of needs outside her own scope of practice. This has resulted in a multidisciplinary evaluation of our son at a time it was much needed. Sheila has been accessible for ongoing consultation throughout a period of adjustment for our son. We are extremely grateful for this support.

Sheila has worked with our son to help him develop strategies to manage his behaviour. After only one meeting with Sheila he had some simple 'tools' to use and there were immediate improvements. Sheila also helped us understand how we could support him more effectively. Further sessions reinforced the framework to help make it a natural way of thinking thereby resulting in sustained improvements in behaviour. We think our son benefited from having someone independent to talk to who's skilled and knowledgeable and who could identify very quickly how to help. The reassurance and support provided to him and us by Sheila has been invaluable and we won't hesitate to contact Sheila again if we have any concerns.

I have known Sheila for over 10 years. Initially we as worked as colleagues in the Birmingham Educational Psychology Service (EPS) in the same local team. She was a highly respected and valued member of this service. We worked closely in the EPS setting up a successful Social Use of Language Programme. Following this we promoted coaching in a number of sectors and ran coaching workshops together.
In 2006, I founded Mindset a coaching, training and facilitation service for the public and private sector. Sheila has worked as an associate for Mindset co-facilitating a number of visioning days with teams in schools using a person centre planning approach. Feedback from these events has been excellent. Sheila is a highly qualified, skilled and knowledgeable senior educational psychologist who currently leads and supervises a team of educational psychologists for Worcester Education Authority. Sheila is hard working, conscientious and professional at all times. She is a reflexive practitioner with a strong intellect who continues to develop her practice through ongoing professional development opportunities. She is ethical and thoughtful in her approach. Her interventions bring excellent results as she brings to bear her wide experience, skills and ability to inspire trust and develop positive relationships. I have known Sheila in a professional and personal capacity. She is trustworthy, kind, helpful and sensitive. I have found her to be a loyal, extremely supporting and caring friend with a great sense of humour.

Sheila's CBT treatment was just what I needed to work through my anxiety states. By identifying my triggers and negotiating strategies through which they could be tackled Sheila helped me significantly on the path to reclaiming my confidence. Through our regular sessions I was able to work through each week knowing that there was support at the end of it. Recovering from anxiety issues need not be a lonely enduring process, with Sheila's skills and guidance it can be an empowering one.